Arts for the Future: Intersections and Transformation

The Arts Education Conference (AEC) is a biennial national professional learning platform for arts educators since 2013. This year, we bring together about 1000 Art, Music, Drama and Dance teachers for the exchange of creative ideas and sharing of insights in arts education.

The conference theme Arts for the Future: Intersections and Transformation will open a space for us to examine creativity in the Arts and the potential of the Arts to facilitate engagement, innovation, and optimism for the future.

Spend a day with prominent arts practitioners, educators and industry thought leaders as they share perspectives, provoke thinking and deepen understanding of how art and music education builds a nation’s next generation.

Date: 8 November 2018, Thursday
Time: 8:00am to 5:00pm
Venue: Level 4, Raffles City Convention Centre
2 Stamford Road Singapore 189560

About the Theme

Arts for the Future: Intersections and Transformation explores the following key questions:

  • How might arts intersections catalyse creativity and innovation?
  • How might quality arts and cultural experiences shape and transform individuals and the community?
  • How might these ideas transform the way we teach and open up new possibilities?
  • How might these ideas influence the way we build a better future?

This year, the various learning sessions and showcases are curated to engender deeper conversations on our roles as arts educators in relation to the following three strands:

Intersections in Disciplines

Arts educators as lifelong learners

Arts educators are lifelong learners who take advantage of new knowledge to design rich learning experiences for our students. We seek intersectional ideas and forward-looking perspectives by exploring connections with other disciplines and leveraging technology-based innovations. Our ability to imagine a myriad of possibilities and find uncharted connections could inspire new ways of knowing and teaching the arts. In turn, our students are encouraged to develop dispositions that value multiple perspectives, and a spirit of exploration and innovation in a digital world.

Networks and Partnerships

Arts educators as a collaborative community

Arts educators are situated in an ecology of networks and participatory cultures, which provide stimulating environments for a growth mindset. Through professional exchange, collaborations, and partnerships, the arts fraternity enrich teaching and learning as excellent arts educators. Creative capacities are further strengthened with the purposeful participation of local arts communities and creative industries. Such networks and cultures facilitate generative processes, and create powerful and sustainable means for deeper conversations to impact and influence the teaching of the arts in our classrooms.

Arts as Catalyst for Change

Arts educators as change agents

A critical dimension of professionalism, teacher agency actively shapes how arts educators champion arts teaching to play a significant contribution in nurturing the whole child, and how arts educators impact and influence communities. We believe in the power of the arts to move beyond the aesthetics into work that enables individuals and communities to effect change, whether in attitude or in action. In light of social and cultural globalisation, arts education anchors values, nurture our students’ voices, and imbue in students a sense of identity and rootedness.

Keynote Addresses

The conference features two keynote addresses.

Spotlight Sessions

The spotlight sessions discuss trending issues in arts education.


Renowned academics and artists conduct masterclasses for the different art forms.

Concurrent Sessions

For art and music, conference participants select from 6 art concurrent sessions and 7 music concurrent sessions.