Music Concurrent Session 1

Facilitating Theoretical Understandings of Music through Blended Learning

Lim Xian Quan, Ronald
Music Teacher
Pasir Ris Crest Secondary School

Critically Evaluating the Benefits of Deliberate Online Social Spaces for Students’ Learning

Samuel Soong Rui
Music Teacher
Evergreen Secondary School

Music Concurrent Session 2

Investigating Students' Decision-Making Process in Musical Arrangements on Digital Audio Workstations

Ho Tze Liang, Shaun
Subject Head (Music)
Yishun Secondary School

Taking Creative Risks: Negotiating Tensions in Teaching and Facilitating Learning in Jam Band Contexts

Ho Si Liang
Music Teacher
Deyi Secondary School

Music Concurrent Session 3

Developing Authentic Assessment Tasks for the Music Classroom

Agnes Tan Chai Jing
Senior Specialist (Music)

Technology as Enabler to Transform the Music Teaching and Learning Practice

Leung Wai Chi Marvin
Senior Specialist (Music)

Pan Jingting Alisa
Arts Education Officer (Music)
Arts Education Branch, SDCD

Music Concurrent Session 4

Transforming Learning Towards Students’ Ownership: Leveraging Technology and Use of Video Focusing Techniques

Lim Hwee Sian
Lead Teacher, Music
Cedar Girls’ Secondary School

Interdisciplinary Perspectives Through the Lens of Music and Physical Education @ Lianhua Primary

Sim Wee Choon
Subject Head Performing Arts
Lianhua Primary School

Wong Ee-Meng, Samuel
Senior Teacher, PE
Lianhua Primary School

Music Concurrent Session 5

Engaging with Songs Programme: From Self to School to Society

Liew Siim Wii
Subject Head, Music
Xishan Primary School

Fiona Kwan Lok Mun
Music Teacher
Clementi Primary School

Chua Soo Bin April
Senior Teacher, Music
Fuhua Primary School

Ng Kay Gek Nancy
Senior Teacher, Music
Angsana Primary School

Music Concurrent Session 6

Questioning as a Self-regulatory Metacognitive Process to Encourage Creative Thinking in Student Composers

Lau Houw Ping
Senior Arts Education Officer (Music)
Arts Education Branch, SDCD

Collaborative Creative Music-making in Choirs: Implications for Music Education

Theodora Huang, Arts Education Officer (Music)
Chong Xiu Min, Arts Education Officer (Music)
Deborah Gan, Senior Arts Education Officer (Music)
Dr. Gooi Tah Choe
Senior Arts Education Officer (Music)
Arts Education Branch, SDCD

Music Concurrent Session 7

Intersections Through Partnerships

Chan Mei Yin Irene
Lead Teacher, Music
West Grove Primary School

Lee Shu Hui Denise
Music Teacher
National Junior College