Patrick Chia
Design Incubation Centre
National University of Singapore

Nurul I’zzah Binte Basiron
Art Teacher
De La Salle School

Lim Jia Ning Michelle
Art Teacher
Ahmad Ibrahim Secondary School

Priming The Art Classroom

How can art teachers reimagine the physical and non-physical environments of the art classroom as a creative space that encourages creativity and engagement in artmaking?

To “prime” is to activate a specific concept in memory, for the purpose of influencing subsequent behaviours. The use of priming in the art classroom relates to teachers’ ability to orchestrate pedagogy, resources and environment in a way that creates opportunities for their students to learn.

Two teacher-presenters will share how they bridged theory and practice and harnessed the concept of priming and design thinking to create conducive spaces for the learning of art within the constraints of their school context. The first project shows how provisions are made for student choice in artmaking; whilst the second project demonstrates the use of everyday objects to make small but impactful changes in student behaviour in the art classroom.

This session is an opportunity to learn about the concept of priming and the application of Design Thinking processes to solve authentic classroom concerns. Presenters will share simple tweaks to enhance learning experiences and their findings from their own case studies with their students.

This sharing will offer insights to the possibilities of priming – an intersection between psychology and design, with the aim of improving teaching and learning experiences in the art classroom.

Location : Indiana