Aruna Johnson
Deputy Director, Education
National Arts Council

Kho Siok Ching Jessica
Senior Teacher (Art)
Marymount Convent School

Low York Sheng
Senior Teacher (Science)
Marymount Convent School

The Art of Collaboration

How can art teachers empower students to explore issues they feel passionately about in society and the world around them?

How can learning in and through art encourage students to use their imaginations and critical thinking skills to respond to contemporary issues by creating artistic works that seek to provide new perspectives and inspire social and civic change?

Facilitating productive discussions on contemporary issues is one of the most challenging tasks facing teachers.

Two teacher presenters will share instructional challenges and recommendations derived from a collaborative project that aimed to study how learning in and through art presents authentic opportunities to engage students in understanding contemporary issues as part of their artistic process. The experiences enabled students to better understand Singapore’s constraints, vulnerabilities and opportunities, thereby developing in them the attributes of good citizens, conscious of their responsibilities and actions towards family, community and country. Excerpts of learning documentations such as instructional notes, students’ responses, and artworks captured during the process will be used to facilitate discussion on the effectiveness of the recommendations.

This session reinforces the role of art education in promoting the development of character and citizenship dispositions in students. Presenters will share views on the integral role of art and art teachers in fostering engagement and appreciation of issues that matter to Singapore and Singaporeans, based on reflective practice, participatory process and critical analysis.

This sharing by presenters provide practical strategies to inspire questions and reflections on contemporary issues in the art classroom setting. These knowledge and strategies are applicable across subjects and are meant to encourage teachers to experiment with dialogic teaching and learning in their own classrooms based on a set of principles for effective facilitation of contemporary issues in the classroom.

Location : Minto