Eitaro Ogawa Tamae and Iwasaki
Artists and Founder/Initiator of Pameran Poskad

Hew Soo Hun
Subject Head, Art
Nanyang Junior College

Art by the Community for the Community

How can art educators build networks and develop meaningful partnerships to extend learning through community projects?

Designing and implementing community projects may prove to be quite a challenge. However, the efforts and hard work may reap meaningful outcomes well beyond the boundaries of the art classroom, school context or even between countries. The extension of the art experience into the everyday provides accessible entry points for anyone to connect with one’s sense of self in relation to others to bring about the kind of change we hope to see in our community.

This session highlights how partnership and collaboration in art provide opportunities for people to bond and for art to be experienced and enjoyed in our daily lives. The presentations show how the belief that ‘everyone is an artist’ can empower the community, enhance art appreciation and transform our lived environments.

This sharing offers the behind the scenes insights to the entire process from ideation to fruition of community projects, made possible with a leap of faith coupled with active networking and creative problem solving to show that everyone can be an artist and an active agent in the transformation of our lived experiences and environment.

Location : Enterprise