Amy Koh Aik Hoon
Senior Teacher (Art)
Montfort Junior School

Zaki Zulfakar B Mohamed Noordin
Lead Teacher (Art)
Marsiling Secondary School

Dexter Sim Yu Min
Art Teacher
Westwood Secondary School

Traditional Made Contemporary

What makes an art work contemporary?

How do teacher-artists challenge the processes of traditional art forms to articulate their contemporary intent and ideas while retaining their authenticity? How does this translate into their classroom teaching?

Contemporary art is often an experiment in pushing boundaries and asking questions about what art is and can be. On the other hand, the practice of traditional art forms is deeply skill-based. As art teachers, how do we guide students to draw parallels between these two seemingly diverse types of art? As art teachers we have the responsibility to develop appreciation and understanding of various art forms, and to evolve ways through which the traditional arts interact with the contemporary so that it engages and becomes relevant to the daily lives of our students.

In this presentation, the three teacher-presenters demonstrate ways in which they keep their crafts (drawing, ceramics and printmaking) relevant, alive and engaging in their classrooms through collaboration and innovative teaching and learning. In their efforts to empower their students to thrive through inquiry processes, they develop their students with the fundamental skills, and at the same time allow them to push their boundaries of creativity and expression through play, exploration and experimentation.

In positioning traditional art forms within the contemporary context of the art classroom, both teachers and students play active roles in a wider dialogue of relevance and transformation. We have to guide our students to continually challenge themselves, remain curious and to adopt an inquiry-based approach in their artmaking. We inspire them to ask open-ended questions in their use of materials, choice of techniques, expression of intent and to make meaningful connections through their art.

Location : Moor