Mr. Hirokazu Kobayashi & Ms. Haruna Yamada
SPREAD Design Duo

Life Stripe – A Pattern of Life

SPREAD’s participatory art work ‘Life Stripe’ represents a pattern of life in daily movements along temporal axes with stripes of colours. This work was conceived by the creative unit when they received news of their friend’s illness back in 2004. Since its launch in Japan that same year, ‘Life Stripe’ has become a combination of a research process and ongoing exhibition that focuses on themes about humanity, individuality and energy in colours unique to different societies. This keynote address will focus on the collaboration between society and the creation of art works through ‘Life Stripe’ activities and SPREAD’s creative works that is based on ‘Colour and Concept’.


About the Speakers

Mr Hirokazu Kobayashi and Ms Haruna Yamada are the creative unit behind SPREAD, a graphic design firm based in Tokyo, Japan. After their graduate studies at Nagaoka Institute of Design, they worked as graphic designer and landscape designer respectively. Since 2004, SPREAD actively engages in creative work that encompasses every memory from past and present with social implications that would ‘spread’ a future. Based on ‘Colour and Concept’, they have been involved in designing and directing various exhibitions with social engagement objectives. Their key artwork ‘Life Stripe’ expresses the pattern of life in daily movements along temporal axes with stripes of colours. ‘Life Stripe’ has been exhibited in cities including Milan, Basel and Tokyo.

Their works also include a memorial visual image for the 10th Anniversary of The National Art Center in Tokyo; an entrance display for Red Dot Museum in Singapore; design for a factory tour during Tsubame-Sanjo Factory Festival in Niigata; and product directions for decorative tape products ‘HARU stuck-on design;’ and cosmetic brand ‘Celvoke’. SPREAD has also received multiple international awards including the Red Dot Award, iF Design Award, the D&AD Award and the Good Design Award.

Location : Fairmont