Evan Low
Music Producer
Zendyll Productions

Participants attending this masterclass are advised to bring their personal laptops or ipads installed with a DAW (E.g. GarageBand, Mixcraft).

Building an Audible Identity. A hands-on listening Workshop

Sounds may be invisible but they exist everywhere and distinguish the spaces around us. As we listen closely and deeply to these sounds, what do we hear? How then do we practice mindful hearing and utilise everyday sounds in ways that could enhance/develop our compositions?

Evan and his team at Zendyll Productions speak about their journey to finding the “Singapore sound”, an audible sound identity for our city state of Singapore. They will share how they integrate sounds from everyday life from this tiny island into their modern day music projects and how certain production techniques can aid in improving one’s artistry.

Teachers can expect to:

  • learn and practice exercises for mindful listening, in areas such as texture,  harmony and transients
  • learn basic audio sampling techniques and how it can be replicated in the classroom
  • pick up basic pop production tips and tricks


About the Speaker

Evan Low is a multi-instrumentalist who makes music and draws inspiration from encountered items – be it an instrument or something more unusual like a tree branch. His talent lies in being able to mash all these sounds into one satisfying pile of auditory narratives that converge and collapse together through analysis, mimicry and tough love.

A MDA Media Education Scheme scholar, Evan graduated from the prestigious Berklee College of Music, majoring in electronic production and design, Evan has accomplished leaps and bounds in his young career having produced and performed with artists such as iNCH, Linying and The Sam Willows, to composing for brands such as Adidas, Toyota and Lego, as well as audio engineering for international artists such as David Foster and Nathan East, to name a few.

Location : Fairmont