Poster Session

  • Art STAR Champions as Pedagogical Influencers: A Showcase of 10 Lesson Ideas

This section of exhibits provides a snapshot of inquiry-based learning as a student-centric approach to art teaching, showcasing ten sets of pedagogical boards created by STAR Champions. From reading these documentations of lesson units, viewers will be able to grasp the key features of inquiry-based learning in art, learn how the Art Inquiry Model can be used to plan a lesson unit, understand the role of assessment and feedback in the lesson unit, and glean insights from the STAR Champions’ written reflections.

These sets of pedagogical boards illustrate how inquiry-based art teaching strategies could bring about the desired learning outcomes of the revised primary art and lower secondary art syllabuses.

Inquiry-based learning describes an investigative, student-centred approach of using questions, problems and scenarios to help students learn. By adopting an inquiry-based learning approach to plan lessons, teachers will be able to engage students in meaningful art learning that connect intimately to their lives.


  • Creative Music Making: A Showcase of 10 Music Teaching Approaches

These series of posters feature ten music teacher-leaders’ approaches, lesson ideas and teaching actions to facilitate music making in a creative way in primary and secondary levels. Facilitating music making creatively involves a process of planning, enacting and assessing strategies, using resources in new ways, and making teaching decisions that take into consideration the students’ profile, prior experiences and the context that frames their learning. Creative music making engages students in actively listening, creating, performing, improvising, exploring, and collaborating which makes the music classroom a fun and dynamic learning space. Such music-making activities also engender different ways of seeing and understanding, and they give voice to students to communicate their expressive selves.

These posters illustrate different approaches in how music making can be facilitated creatively to enrich and stimulate students’ musical learning, achieve the learning objectives in the music syllabus, and nurture their musical identities.


  • Nurturing a Singing Culture and Developing Character through Song

The poster sessions introduce strategies to engender a singing culture in primary school by providing a platform for students to extend their love for learning music beyond classroom lessons.  This is done through widening repertoire and incorporating local and community songs. The result is that the student’s engagement level and the quality in the students’ singing have improved tremendously.  The session also presents programmes and strategies to nurture pupils love for singing and to develop the culture of C.A.R.E (Confident learner, Actively Contribute, Resilient, Enthusiastically Learn. The session also looks at possible approaches to overcome the challenges encountered in the process.


Student Learning Space (SLS)

Aligned with Singapore’s vision to become a Smart Nation, students should be enabled to navigate and thrive in a culture of innovation and experimentation while the teaching practice pervasively adopts digital and smart technologies. As emerging technologies transform the way students learn into becoming self-directed, ubiquitous, flipped, collaborative and active, teaching practice will need to evolve accordingly. The design of music resources in the Singapore Student Learning Space (SLS) has therefore leveraged technological affordances to make music learning and music making experiential, collaborative and interactive.

The exhibition booth will host demonstrations of lesson ideas, SLS music resources, a space for dialogue as well as the Music Concurrent 3:

Technology as Enabler to Transform the Music Teaching and Learning Practice.


Portraits III

The first 2 volumes of PORTRAITS: Narratives of Singapore Arts Educators  (PORTRAITS I & PORTRAITS II) were launched in 2015 and 2016 respectively. Each publication presents the personal stories of 16 art and music educators, and portrays the unique roles they play in the holistic education of our students.

PORTRAITS III: Narratives of Singapore Arts Educators threads further insights into what makes our Singapore arts educator. Their beliefs guide their practice in the art and music classroom, and their individual journeys form the collective identity of the art and music teaching fraternity.

PORTRAITS III will be launched at Arts Education Conference 2018.